The 5 Most Embarrassing Mistakes

The 5 most embarrassing mistakes you can make with an Airstream that your family will not let you forget: Leave anything open or extended on the roof while you drive down the interstate at 70 mph. Your TV antenna will initially take flight, then lose control and crash into your trailer roof in a twisted... Continue Reading →

Sticker Wars

It all started innocently.  We had left our Airstream trailer at Bryce Canyon National Park and drove the truck over to Zion for the day.  After risking our lives traversing "trails" chiseled into the side of sheer cliffs, we stopped at the visitor center to poke around.  There we found for sale - the object... Continue Reading →


The saleswoman said that our new Airstream trailer was good for boondocking.  Being a newbie to the RV community, I had no idea what she was talking about.  Not wanting to look ignorant as I was taking command of my new land yacht - and not really knowing if boondocking was a topic that Southern decorum would... Continue Reading →


It had been raining hard at our campsite for the past 24 hours at Paul B. Johnson State Park in South Mississippi. My son Andrew and I had taken the trailer out for the weekend to dust off the cobwebs and make sure all systems were working. The Airstream kept us warm and dry. We were... Continue Reading →

Pepé Le Pew

The Class A motor home entered the campground at dusk, raking our little campsite with its high beams as we were just finishing up dinner. The big burgundy rig with matching car in-tow, slowed in front of our site then continued down the campground road into the darkness of the trees, leaving only a faint whiff of... Continue Reading →

The Road Begins

Welcome to our blog.  This is our first attempt to publish anything online - hampered primarily by our baby boomer status and abject lack of literary talent.  But we are retiring soon (I, from my profession and Marcia, from the daily care and feeding of her husband), so we plan to have more time on our... Continue Reading →

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