The strike indicator dropped quietly below the water's surface; I gently lifted the tip of my fly rod to set the hook, and the line went taught. Suddenly, a dark shadow bolted across the river channel toward deeper water. Line spilled from my reel as the drag gears let out a whine. The fish shot... Continue Reading →

My Grandfather’s Hawk

My grandfather stood on my backyard deck overlooking the treetops and the valley below. With his hands cupped to his mouth and head tilted back, he let out a screech, "Cheeeeeeewv."  We held our breath and listened.  Nothing. Again, he screeched, "Cheeeeeeewv, cheeeewv."  We listened.  Far off down the hill came a faint raspy reply, "Cheeeeewv."  Again, we heard the... Continue Reading →

The Open Road

How I long to be self-sufficient and free - an explorer in uncharted territory, a cowboy on the open range, a vagabond with nowhere, in particular, to go - traveling without schedules, reservations, or connections, having responsibilities to no one but myself and my companion.  The open road before me, my worries behind. All that I need - food,... Continue Reading →


"Alex, we have a problem," Marcia announced as we were parking the Airstream trailer at a lakefront campsite in Missouri. My jaw dropped when I made my way around to the side and noticed one trailer tire was gone. Not just flat, but gone! All that remained on the left front wheel was a small... Continue Reading →

On The Trail to Mistymoon

A hunting knife hung from his belt as he stood midstream, helping his barefoot girlfriend cross the slippery rocks; clear water wetted the bottom of his rolled-up jeans.  Marcia and I were next to cross the creek, and we sat on the bank to remove our boots. Watching the couple climb the far bank, I couldn't fathom why he needed to... Continue Reading →


I am a planner, always have been.  I make lists and spreadsheets to try to corral the inherent entropy of life.  Order, containment, and anticipation give me comfort. I like to know where I am headed and when. So, it gave me great pause when several years ago, a good friend, with whom I have tremendous respect, offered some sound advice saying,... Continue Reading →

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