Episode 81: Novelist Spotlight: Retired hand surgeon tries his hand at southern storytelling

In the spotlight is Alexander Blevens, author of his debut novel “Bycatch,” a story soaked with greed and forgiveness while Southern and Vietnamese cultures tangle on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Blevens is currently working on his second novel, “Arkansas Black,” about two brothers who are losing their orchard to bankruptcy during the collapse of the apple industry in northwest Arkansas in 1927. (Think prequel to “Grapes of Wrath.”) Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts: YouTube

Live Chat with Mike Krentz

Had a great time chatting with fellow physician/author, Alex Blevens, about his compelling new novel, BYCATCH. We covered the usual topics about books, themes, and the writing process, but also the long-term impact of wars, doctors in the military, and the occupational hazards of being a writer. Catch it here and do get Alex’s book. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did. Watch video

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