Cupcakes and Birthdays

I vividly remember the first time we made cupcakes in the trailer.  Little tins with paper shells, filled with sweet cake dough, were popped into our pint-sized oven.  It was our oldest daughter’s birthday, or close enough, and we were camped at the Alabama beach.  The thought of baking a whole cake in our little galley seemed too much, especially on a warm summer day. So, we settled on birthday cupcakes.  The bite-sized cakes steamed as they cooled on the counter, and filled the cabin with a sweet aroma which seemed to attract all manner of insects and children.

Laughing Gulls and ground squirrels appeared outside – waiting for a dropped morsel – as a dozen cupcakes with half-melted icing were devoured without difficulty by our small tribe.  Thus, a tradition was born.  Since that day we have celebrated many birthdays with trailer-made cupcakes. I just had a birthday so I hope I am next.

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  1. Smile! Sounds delicious. Ruth decided to try her craft hand at At a full Thanksgiving meal in our rig requiring every square inch of horizontal space. She wrote about it, and luckily, we cut off our side bench and installed a desk/drawer unit which opened up room to cook. The cut off wasn’t just for the meal though…;>)

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