Turkeys and Cosmo

One of our trailer tires began to fail, so we pulled into the Goodyear Tire Service in Mitchell, South Dakota, the home of the “World Famous Corn Palace,” and not much else. Everyone we met in South Dakota was friendly, down-to-earth, courteous, and just “good folk.”
We were at the tire store before they opened at 7:30 in the morning. The manager noticed our big silver trailer parked out front and motioned us in. Sure enough, the “radial, longitudinal, bias-ply belts were delaminating” on one of our tires (see previous post, “Shredded”). They had a replacement in stock, and I would need to pull the trailer around back. Around back was filled with massive tractor tires stacked 5-high like an obstacle course, through which I had to weave my rig.
Back inside, Marcia and I made ourselves comfortable in the small waiting room. Complimentary coffee and muffins were on a side table. Fox News was on the TV with the volume turned way down. Except for the black vinyl chairs, the only other thing in the waiting room was a small coffee table with several copies of only two magazines, Turkey Country and Cosmopolitan. One copy of Pheasants Forever was thrown in for variety.
As we waited for the tire to be changed, I couldn’t help to wonder about the selection of their waiting room magazines. What did this say about the fine folks who lived in Mitchell, a town surrounded by hundreds of miles of farmland – and I presume turkey habitat? Could the men of the town be content with rural life, going out on the weekend to bag a turkey? Did the women pine over Cosmo, longing for a glamorous life in the big city? Or did the shop owner, I assume an avid turkey hunter, think that he needed to provide appropriate reading material for his female customers, and all he could remember from the market checkout lane were the sultry covers of Cosmopolitan?
The tire was replaced before I could formulate an opinion, and we were back on the road in no time. South Dakota is a big open state, and I had a lot of windshield time to think about this issue. Still, I am intrigued.


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