Blogging Basics

Many of my readers are new to blogging, as I was just 6 months ago. If you are unfamiliar, read on…
Unlike Facebook, a blog is a website under the control of an administrator (on my blog site, it’s me). There may be several “pages” having information about the site, its authors, and contact information. A “blog post” is usually a short entry by one of the authors and can have text, photos, links, etc. Recent posts are usually listed on the “Home” page. Older posts are available in an archive. A blog platform provider “hosts” the blog site. I use to host my site at

Visitors to the blog can “Like” the blog post or even comment. On WordPress, you must be registered to comment or “Like,” but this is just as easy as giving an email address and password.

If you like a blog site and wish to be informed of new posts, you can “Follow” the site either by providing your email address on the site or if you are registered in WordPress, you will get new posts on your “Reader.” It is within your Reader that you can follow other bloggers. You don’t have to have a blog site of your own to register with WordPress.

There is a whole world out there in the Blogosphere, with every conceivable topic being discussed. I blog for fun and because I like to make people laugh. Explore, have fun, and learn. Happy blogging.

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