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Book Club Questions for Discussion and Reflection

****Spoiler Alert****

  • Why did Dung/Don not believe Rex could return later to steal the cash from the safe? Or did he?
  • Jake thinks Pigeon is a hothead at the beginning of the book. Does this change, and how does Jake’s character evolve?
  • When did Dung/Don finally realize it was guilt rather than anger that plagued him?
  • Rex suffered from guilt as well. How did it manifest in him?
  • What prevented Rex and Nancy from becoming romantically involved? Do you think they resolved their issues by the end of the book?
  • Compare the adult mother/daughter relationship of Linh and Anh when they were sitting on the bench under a tree with a few months later when they were sitting on Linh’s bed. How did it evolve, and when was the turning point?
  • When did Rex reach rock bottom?
  • Why did Dung/Don risk so much to bring the insignia, medal, and journal with him as he escaped Vietnam? And why did he keep this a secret?
  • It was a brave move for Anh to confront Rex, something her father never did. Why did she feel compelled to do this? What was it about her that was different from her father?
  • One of the book’s central themes is forgiveness, and the question that Linh asks is, can one forgive another if the other is not fully aware of their transgression? Do you believe this?
  • Linh looks to the deck on the shoofly, smiles, then looks at Rex and says, “Thank you,” in a slightly Southern accent. What do you think Linh is trying to convey?
  • What was significant about Rex whispering to Nancy at the end, “They call ’im Donny.”

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