White Shrimp

The fall white shrimp season has just peaked in the Gulf waters near Biloxi, Mississippi. Captain Nam of the Lady’s Y, a 95-foot trawler, readied his vessel this morning in the Back Bay for a three-week trip offshore. “Fuel is too high and shrimp prices low,” he told me. “I can buy shrimp in the... Continue Reading →


The steep cattail edge dropped into a tea-colored pool, just inland from the coastal dunes. Sunlight bounced off the burnt-amber bottom to a depth of two feet, then vanished in a dark abyss further out, where creatures lurked. From the deep, snapping turtles, bass, gar, and water snakes appeared in silent shadows, then were gone. A... Continue Reading →

To the Point – Short Story

Chris began to question the wisdom of his trip. It had been just three days since Hurricane Katrina struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast, leaving more destruction than he had anticipated. He picked his way on foot through the rubble and down Howard Avenue toward the eastern edge of Biloxi to find his grandmother’s house, and... Continue Reading →

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