The 5 Most Embarrassing Mistakes

The 5 most embarrassing mistakes you can make with an Airstream that your family will not let you forget:

  1. Leave anything open or extended on the roof while you drive down the interstate at 70 mph. Your TV antenna will initially take flight, then lose control and crash into your trailer roof in a twisted jumble of metal. Open rooftop vents create a vacuum inside your trailer that lifts your flooring like a bounce house.
  2. Forget to empty the refrigerator before putting your trailer in storage.  This is especially important in South Mississippi during the summer shrimp season. Just saying.
  3. Fail to block the wheels while parked on a hill before unhitching.  You can only hope that your trailer will make a soft landing against a tree somewhere downhill from your campsite.
  4. Forget that you are towing an eight-foot-wide by nine-foot-tall trailer when you pass the campground gatehouse.  I am sure this is some type of sick joke when they build the roof of the gatehouse to overhang the entrance lane, enticing a collision.
  5. Hook up the tap water supply to the black water tank rinse connector.  Airstream has, for some unknown reason, placed the outside hose connection for the sewage tank rinse system right next to the hose connection for the trailer tap water system.  By the time you figure out why you have no water pressure in your faucets, your black water tank will overflow, filling your trailer with raw sewage.

If anyone asks me if I have personal experience with any of these scenarios, I am “taking the fifth.”

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  1. I, too, would take the fifth!! I love your adventures and your writing takes the rest of us along for the ride! You are a natural, Alex!

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