How a Shrimp Trawler Works – Video

Friends, my debut novel, Bycatch, is coming out early 2022. The book features shrimp fishermen in Biloxi, Mississippi. To get you up to speed, I have posted this seven-minute video showing how a shrimp trawler makes its catch. The video was produced by the Southern Shrimp Alliance. See a turtle exclusion device (TED) and bycatch reduction device (BRD) in action. Watch YouTube Video

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5 thoughts on “How a Shrimp Trawler Works – Video

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  1. The SS Alliance produced a good video. The SSA should have included video about the “try trawl” briefly shown in one diagram, and its purpose. All-in-all, a good video. Alex, Thanks for including it in your post.
    Bycatch—sounds a bit mysterious.

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